Raspberry Pi launches $70 desktop PC

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The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched the Raspberry Pi 400, a new model of the tiny ARM based computer that sits inside a keyboard enclosure. Reminiscent of 80s home computers - RPi Foundation quotes BBC Micros, ZX Spectrums and Commodore Amigas - the Keyboard is a fully working computer that encompasses everything that's needed in a box on the user's desk. Inside it is a Raspberry Pi 4 board with 4 GB of RAM.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is priced at $US 70 for the barebones computer and $100 for the kit that includes a mouse, power supply an SD card and cables. The keyboard enclosure has three host USB ports for connecting external devices and a micro USB port to plug in the external power supply. Currently English (UK and US), French, Italian, German, and Spanish keyboard layouts are supported with more to come.

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