Purism introduces PureBoot high security boot process

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Purism, makers of the Librem notebooks and smartphone, have introduced a secure boot mechanism that covers the whole chain of booting a device into the operating system. PureBoot comprises the following measures:

  • Neutralized and disabled Intel Management Engine where only the code essential for the system to boot is left in the ME.
  • Coreboot the free software BIOS replacement.
  • A Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip
  • A tamper-evident boot software called Heads that loads from within coreboot and uses the TPM and the user’s own GPG keys to detect tampering within the BIOS, kernel, and GRUB config.
  • Librem Key, a USB security token that integrates with Heads to alert the user to tampering with a "green light good, red light bad" notification.
  • Integration between the Librem Key and LUKS disk encryption that makes it possible to unlock the disk with the Librem Key.
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