Pulumi 3.0 released

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Pulumi have released version 3.0 of their open source infrastructure-as-code software. It enables users to describe cloud resources in code like the Terraform does but instead of a declarative description it supports programming languages such as Typescript, Python or C# (and others).

Pulumi 3.0 includes the stable version of an Automation API that was shipped previously as a preview and enables developers to include Pulumi functionality in custom software for instance self-service portals or CI/CD applications.

The latest version includes new "native" providers for Azure and Google Cloud, meaning they are autogenerated from the cloud provider's API description and therefore always up to date. Pulumi Packages have been extended to allow definition and usage of Pulumi Components that can be used with the programming languages Pulumi supports.

Language support for Go and Python have been improved in Pulumi with smaller binary sizes and faster builds with Go and typing support in Python.

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