Platform9 open sources etcdadmin

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Inspired by kubeadm, etcdadm provides a simple command-line experience to configure, deploy and operate secure etcd clusters that can run anywhere (on-premises, in the cloud, as well as in air-gapped environments) – with built-in support for recovery and scalability.

etcdadm provides:

  • easy deployment of a secure etcd cluster
  • recovery from quorum loss – by easily deploying a secure cluster from an existing etcd backup
  • scaling operations – with easy addition or removal of nodes in an etcd cluster

etcdadm can run on any Linux distribution such as Ubuntu, CentOS and Container Linux. etcdadm was developed for use within Platform9’s commercial offering, Platform9 Managed Kubernetes. Platform9 is contributing it to the open source community to streamline the setup and ongoing operations of production etcd clusters.

etcdadm is available on GitHub and licensed under Apache v2.0.

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