OpenShift 4 Community Distribution is now Available

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The OKD-WG has announced the general availability of OKD4, the community distribution of the Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes platform. Formerly known as OpenShift Origin OKD is now the open source upstream project of OpenShift.

OKD4 uses Fedora CoreOS as the base OS for the nodes. It enables the cluster with recent security fixes, new features (like cgroups v2 support) and updated software. OKD4 is using the same images as the corresponding OpenShift Container Platform release. As a result, the community can participate in the development and can modify any part of the cluster in order to achieve specific goals.

While the OpenShift enterprise version doesn't support single master installations, it is possible to install clusters with a single master with OKD4. These clusters cannot be upgraded to later versions, though ⨪ presumably because the upgrade of a running cluster requires multiple masters.

As a community distribution it does not require a pull secret as the OpenShift enterprise distro does. All OKD4 images are available without additional authentication. The base OS image for OKD4 is available at However some optional operators from require a pull secret, so by default OKD4 installs a source with community operators only. See the corresponding FAQ for more information.

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