Kubernetes 1.14 released

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The first Kubernetes 1.14 in 2019 is ready. Version 1.14 comprises of 31 enhancements: 10 moving to stable, 12 in beta, and 7 new. The main themes of this release are extensibility and supporting more workloads on Kubernetes with three major features moving to general availability, and an important security feature moving to beta.

Windows Node support in Kubernetes that has been in beta until now, has now reached production-grad maturity. Kubernetes now officially supports adding Windows nodes as worker nodes and scheduling Windows containers. Windows Server 2019 is supported for running worker nodes and containers. Out of tree networking is supported with Azure-CNI, OVN-Kubernetes and Flannel.

Persistent local volumes are now generally available. Their primary use case are applications with high I/O requirements such as databases.

Pod priority and preemption enables Kubernetes to schedule more important Pods first. When a cluster runs out of resources, it removes less important pods to create room for more important ones.

So-called Pod Readiness Gates introduce an extension point for external feedback on the readiness of pods.

The default RBAC discovery clusterrolebindings have been hardened and remove discovery from the set of APIs which allow for unauthenticated access by default, improving privacy for CRDs and the default security posture of default clusters in general.

Kubernetes 1.14 is available for download on GitHub.

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