Kubernetes 1.10 Released

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Kubernetes 1.10 is the first release of the container orchestration framework in 2018. This version stabilizes storage features and includes new features in security and networking. The Kubernetes implementation of the Container Storage Interface (CSI) moves to beta in this release: installing new volume plugins is now as easy as deploying a pod. This enables third-party storage providers to develop their solutions outside of the core Kubernetes codebase.

Locally attached storage is now available as a persistent volume source. This means higher performance and lower cost for distributed file systems and databases. Kubernetes 1.10 also includes updates to Persistent Volumes. The framework can automatically prevent deletion of Persistent Volume Claims that are in use by a pod (beta) and prevent deletion of a Persistent Volume that is bound to a Persistent Volume Claim (beta). This helps ensure that storage API objects are deleted in the correct order.

Kubernetes gains another extension point in the latest version with external kubectl credential providers that are now in alpha stage. Cloud providers, vendors, and other platform developers can release binary plugins to handle authentication for specific cloud-provider identity and authorization services, or that integrate with in-house authentication systems that aren’t supported natively by Kubernetes, such as Active Directory. This complements the Cloud Controller Manager feature added in 1.9.

The ability to switch the DNS service to CoreDNS at install time is now in beta. CoreDNS is a single executable and a single process and supports additional use cases.

Kubernetes 1.10 is available for download on GitHub.

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