k0s wants to remove friction from Kubernetes

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Under the banner of "Zero Friction Kubernetes" the k0s project wants to lower the entry barriers of the container orchestration software. To that end it ships as a single binary that can be run in master ("server") or node ("worker") mode similar to what Hashicorp's Nomad does. In the same vain the command can be used to create a join token for the individual nodes.

Still k0s seeks to offer "vanilla" Kubernetes with a "self-hosted, isolated control-plane" that can be scaled on demand. Storage backend that can be used include the usual etcd as well as SQLite, MySQL (including MariaDB) and PostgreSQL. It supports a variety of container runtimes while containerd is the current default. The same goes for the network plugins where Calico is currently the default.

k0s is currently at an early stage and seeks to release a stable 1.0 version in early 2021.

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