CockroachDB 2.0 significantly improves performance

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ACID-compliant distributed database CockroachDB is available as a 2.0 release. A new feature is the support for "semi-structured" data in the form of a JSON datatype. CockroachDB follows the PostgreSQL design by using the JSONB datatype introduced in recent versions of the relational database.

Also the performance was vastly improves in CockroachDB 2.0: "A three-node, fully-replicated, and multi-active CockroachDB 2.0 cluster achieves a maximum throughput of 16,150 tpmC on a TPC-C dataset. This is a 62% improvement over our 1.1 release. Additionally, the latencies on 2.0 dropped by up to 81% compared to 1.1, using the same workload parameters. That means that our response time improved by 544%." (

On the client side CockroachDB is largely compatible with PostgreSQL, so applications can make use of PostgreSQL clients and APIs.

Cockroach Labs was founded in 2015 by Spencer Kimball, Peter Mattis and Ben Darnell. Interesting trivia for long-term Linux users: Kimball and Mattis were the original developers of the Gimp free graphics software.

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