Canonical reclaims LXD stewardship

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Canonical, the creator and main contributor of the LXD project has decided that after 8 years as part of the Linux Containers community, the project would now be better served directly under Canonical’s own set of projects. is the umbrella project behind LXC, LXCFS, distrobuilder, libresource and lxcri.

The Linux Container team comments "While the team behind Linux Containers regrets that decision and will be missing LXD as one of its projects, it does respect Canonical’s decision and is now in the process of moving the project over."

Canonical's announcement seems to be a reaction to lead developer Stéphane Graber leaving the company, as he's announced on his blog:

"Following the announcement of my resignation, Canonical decided to pull LXD out of the Linux Containers projects and relocate it to a full in-house project."

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