AWS pre-announces its own Docker Hub

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AWS (Amazon Web Services) has given advice to users coping with Docker Hub's recently introduced rate limit. Docker, Inc. has announced that the Hub service will begin limiting the rate at which images are pulled under their anonymous and free plans. These limits will progressively take effect beginning November 2, 2020.

AWS recounts two mitigations for this, wher one is copying the public images to a private registry, "such as the Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR)", but obviously users can also host their own registry based on free software or a commercial product. The other "mitigation" would be to update to a paid plan with Docker.

Finally, in their blog post, AWS offers an outlook to what's coming up soon: "a new public container registriy that will allow developers to store, manage, share and depliy container images for anyone to discover and download."

Users sharing public images on AWS will get 50 GB of free storage each month and will pay nominal charges after. Anyone who pulls images anonymously will get 500 GB of free data bandwidth each month after which they can sign up or sign in to an AWS account. Simply authenticating with an AWS account increases free data bandwidth up to 5 TB each month when pulling images from the internet. And finally, workloads running in AWS will get unlimited data bandwidth from any region when pulling publicly shared images hosted on AWS.

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