Tumblr opensources some Kubernetes utilities

According to their announcement blog post Tumblr have been using Kubernetes for many tasks such as critical-path web requests handling for tumblr.com or background and scheduled jobs. Now the are releasing three of their Kubernetes Tools under an open source license.

Their sidecar connector can help containerize legacy applications without changing the original app. To ease the deployment of sidecars to Deployments and CronJobs, Tumblr have created a service to dynamically inject sidecars, volumes, and environment data into pods as they launch.

The config projector is a command line tool that can be run by CI processes, for instance, to generate Kubernetes ConfigMaps from Git repositories. Similarly the secret projector will generate new Kubernetes secrets when the corresponding configuration file changes.

The three Tools can be found on their respective GitHub pages:

github.com/tumblr/k8s-sidecar-injector github.com/tumblr/k8s-config-projector github.com/tumblr/k8s-secret-projector