Rook Storage reaches 1.0

The Rook storage distribution on top of Kubernetes has been released in version 1.0 that the developers consider a "major milestone".

Rook, that is basically a containerized version of the distributed storage software Ceph, now supports the latest development release "Nautilus" of Ceph. It sill supports the two older Ceph releases "Luminous" and "Mimic", though, and allows the storage admin to choose the Ceph release. Also the Rook version has been decoupled from the Ceph version so that Rook updates can be made independently of the underlying Ceph implementation.

The Ceph upgrade procedure has become completely automated as well. When the user updates the cluster configuration to specify a new version of Ceph, the operator will automatically notice this and perform the necessary steps to roll out the new version to all the various Ceph components in a staggered fashion.

The Ceph CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver is now available for testing. The CSI support in Kubernetes is a drastic improvement in both functionality and reliability over the previous FlexVolume that Rook originally implemented, according to the developers.